*Organic Red Rooster French Roast

Store Coffee & Teas *Organic Red Rooster French Roast

Roast Level: French

Regions: Peru, Papua New Guinea

Processing: Washed

Tasting Notes: Bold, robust, & bittersweet

Certifications: USDA Organic, Fair Trade & Kosher

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Traditionally, French roasting was a good way to cover up flaws in coffee. Rather than tossing low-quality coffee in the roaster and burning it like in the days of yore, we intentionally source coffees with flavors that stand up to the high temperatures of the French Roast. More than a cup of steaming black caffeine, this is a French roast designed to be delicious on its own, with food, or with cream and sugar.

Taylor Maid Farms, Taylor Lane Coffee, has been roasting our 100% organic & fair trade certified coffees here in Sonoma County since 1993 and have the deepest roots of all local coffee providers.

With the vast majority of our outlets being restaurants diners, cafes and such, the virus/shelter in place has hit our business hard since most of these types of locations have been shut down the last couple of months. We know this has effected us all in different ways yet also know the strength and resiliency of community.