2021 Flower Share (FULL)

Store 2021 Flower Share (FULL)

Seasonal, beautiful mixed bouquets will be harvested fresh Wednesday mornings.

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15 Fresh Flower Bouquets spread out from April to October and delivered to a drop-site near you in Santa Rosa or West Sonoma County (you'll choose in the next screen).

Harvests will occur when flowers are in their prime, which will be about every other week. You will receive a notification on a Friday when an upcoming bouquet will be available for pickup on the following Wednesday!

Bouquets will begin with spring blooms of Ranunculus, Anemone, Larkspur, Baby's Breath, Bachelor Buttons, Love in a Mist and many more. As we advance through the season with blooms will as likewise appropriate to the season. Mid-summer will be popping with Zinnias, Rudebeckia, Asters, Sunflowers and more! Late season will be full of more of these goodies plus Dahlias! We'll end the season with a dried bouquet to take you through the winter months.

If you are traveling, we will have one make up bouquet in late summer.

April 14th and onwards note: At this point we've already started the CSA. It is $20/bouquet and we'll prorate you based on the number of bouquets remaining when you join.