*St. Jorge Cheese

Store Cheese *St. Jorge Cheese

Textures and flavor profile of silk and sweet creamed butter, St. Jorge is a mild semi-hard cheese with excellent melting quality and undeniable Matos grass fed tang.

From: Joe Matos Cheese Co.

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We're working with Dairywoman Tiffany of Portuguese Farmstead to try out her cheese for our CSA. Please give it a try and tell us what you think. Farmer Elizabeth loves their cheese and has been eating since a teen. Tiffany sells at the Sebastopol Farmers Market.

We're offering their 3 mo aged St. Jorge Cheese in 1 lb sizes. These will be included in your box with the rest of your produce. The cheese is semi-hard and doesn?t require refrigeration and makes it easy for us to include in our CSA boxes.

Note: March forward we needed to increase price from $8 to $10 as Tiffany increased price. This is the same price she sells it at the farmers' markets.