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COOKIE...Take a bite!

At farmers markets Farmers Paul and Elizabeth sold across from Tracy of Cookie… take a bite! starting in 2016. We relied on trading veggies for cookies every week to keep us going. We love them! As Tracy’s business grew and she rarely did markets but she joined as a CSA member to keep her supply of veggies. Sadly we’ve had a harder time getting her cookies but now we’re thrilled to be collaborating with her. Tracy has lost 50% of her sales which were wholesale, and we’d love to help her expand getting them direct to cookie lovers in our community.

Tracy Mattson is a professionally trained pastry chef with over ten years of experience. They bake all cookies fresh to order… so after getting your order Monday evening they’ll be fresh in your box on Wednesday.

Tracy writes: My love of cookies began as many children: sneaking dough from my mom’s mixing bowl. Luckily there was always just enough dough for my mom to actually bake the cookies for the rest of my family! As an adult, I wanted to share my love of cooking with our son, Jack, so we thought about what we could do and do well. We believed we could add something to our community by baking fresh, flavorful and delicious cookies. I love to share my restaurant experience with our clients by providing cookies that are a bit ‘left of center’: familiar in name but exciting and new in flavor. We like that we can bring cookies to another level and make them a wonderful treat for any occasion. Enjoy!

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*Roasted Peanut Butter Cookies (Gluten Free)

A flourless peanut butter cookie with a touch of grey sea salt on top creates a sweet and salty celebration of flavors.

From: COOKIE...Take a bite!

*Roasted Peanut Butter Cookies (Gluten Free)